Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thadiyandamol Trek

We did Thadiyandamol during Aug 10-11, 2004. Being my first trek there were a lot of things that I experienced for the very first time. My experience with leeches of course stands out (first!). Also loosing our way to the top and then actually crawling our way through thick grass absolutely not knowing what laid beneath is something I will never forget for the rest of my life. I had always thought I was fit enough for something like this, but a trek of this nature can really test your physical endurance.

The trek up the Thadiyandamol starts from Kakkabe village, which can be reached from Madikeri by bus or car. It can be done as a day trek though it would be nice to camp for a night. It is probably a hike of an 8km or less one way. The best season to get the views may be winter, though my experience is limited to rainy days.

The trek looks easy till you reach a small plateau above the coffee estates. From there on the views are awesome with many a layers of hills typical of the western ghats. The next two kilometers is not all that simple and it took some time and effort. It is here that we lost the trial and started scaling the hill from all corners (never do that! you never know when nature has other plans). Because we had another group in the front we somehow managed to get back on the trial. After this point it slowly gets steep and tiring but the views and the surroundings makes the walk a pleasure. Last stretch goes through a patch of rain forest, but a quick walk should see it through. At the end of this patch is a steep ascent which takes you to the top of Thadiyanmol.

There is nothing that can compare the experience of walking through the clouds and reaching the top. A billion words cannot explain the sight and the emotions you go through. I remember standing up there with my arms out stretched and enjoying the majesty of mother nature. Should say HE truly is an artist and his artistry is best enjoyed from an altitude this high..

Cool solution:: Keeping the leeches at bay
I normally tuck in my pants into the socks and tie a lace over it. Once I have done that I keep rubbing tobacco leafs and salt around the ankles. This should help you keep the leeches at bay. But if you still have a leach byte make sure you don't try to pull it out. Just put some salt over it and after a few seconds later try the carrom flick.
* However a trek in Coorg region is not complete with out at least a few leeche bytes I would say.. ;)